Dressing as I am and as I aim to be, since 1998. Sharing it, since November 2011,
on Currently Loving - a fashion-based personal blog, run by McKenzie Collins.

Instead of telling you I like to dance and to sing and to write, I'll tell you my about is a work in progress. It gets a bit more interesting each day, just as it tells less
dry jokes too. Tomorrow, there will be another 'haha' to read, and more full stops ending sentences. It might to start to flow, and then again, it may never.
Soon, I'll stop rereading for mistakes; instead keep writing, in hope that one day, it will include more than a hobby, an achievement or a pass-time.

Motto to remember whilst reading: too deep, is not deep enough.

Credit: A lot of the material I post is my own photos and videos, taken by me, or my brother, who often takes my outfit shots (please do not use them without credit
or copyright to this blog). I also use and share material from a number of different sources (often found through reblogging on tumblr), that I definitely agree
should be given credit for, so I am constantly trying to find it for each photo/video in a post of mine. It is very difficult and time-consuming to find the
original source as you may well know. If, by any chance, I credit a source inaccurately, or forget to credit a photo, please let me know through any of my
social networks, and I'll get straight to resolving it!

Make sure to drop me a comment, or contact me below, so that I can check out your blog,
or answer any questions.. enjoy my blog,

McKenzie xx